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Sports Premium Funding - Action Plan

*The Sports Premium Funding action plan is currently under review.

The Rookeries Carleton J & I School

Sports Premium Funding Action Plan 2017-18

Areas to be developed


Who will be involved?

Training and Development needs

Resource Implications

Cost & Budget


Success Criteria


To improve the provision of PE by:

Increasing the skill level of staff in the delivery of quality P.E. teaching


Teachers to gain skills and increased confidence in delivery of P.E. teaching



To implement the ‘imove’ Dance Package.

PE Leader to link dance with curriculum and feedback to teachers



To further develop links with the curriculum focus on local interests and history; continue to deliver traditional English dance through Maypole & country dancing.


Termly Wakefield PE network programme; including e.g. PE safety


Level 5 Primary PE Specialism training completed 2016 – 2017. Use 2 trained member of staff to deliver CPD

All staff in Yrs R to 6







All staff






PE leader




PE leader GB and one other CMc

Yearly training session for next 3 years












5 external training days



CPD for all staff led by GB and CMc








Maypole resources





Coach, music resources, planning.


Staff meeting time



3 year cycle







See above










Overtime for GB x6 staff meetings


PE leader







HT / PE leader






HT / PE leader




HT/ PE leader


.Staff have greater confidence in planning and delivery of dance.





PE leader informed and up to date with latest best practice and able to train other staff.



Up to date information and successfully networking with other schools


Highly trained PE practitioners to train other members of staff  

Sept 2016 – July 2018












Sept 2017 – July 2018



Sept 2017 – July 2018

For pupils to have increased understanding of how physical activity can help them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.


Sports Relief 19-23rd March

PE week


Children engaged in sporting activities


Class  competitions


Sport family quiz


Share Information about healthy living

All staff



PE Leader and HT









All staff need time to plan the week








HT / PE leader












Pupil’s fitness levels have increased and children have a greater awareness of healthy lifestyles.




Sept 2017 – July 2018







To encourage pupils to develop a love of sport and physical activity by:

Organising exciting sessions for children who are less engaged with active lifestyles by increasing purposeful, active provision during lunch time and break time periods, across all phases.

Ensure that school equipment is regularly reviewed, updated and kept in good condition and pupils know how to use it.

Two play workers support pupils during play at lunchtime.

To continue to develop a rolling programme of sports leaders so that children lead children in purposeful organised games.



PE Leader to  continue to train and support the 2 play workers


PE leader & play workers




Reintroduce child play leaders – ask for children to put themselves forward from KS2.



PE Leader and Play workers


PE leader to audit equipment regularly and replace as needed.


Play leader to ‘train’ new child volunteers.






In house  training

Sports Equipment for each Key Stage and staff.


Salary for 2 additional staff members.




















HT / PE Leader / Play leader




PE leader / Learning mentor

Children are actively engaged and using the equipment effectively.



Children receive awards as Play Leaders and lead activities.  Observations confirm positive behaviours in place.



Trained staff engaging children in purposeful play activities

Sept 2017- July 2018




Sept 2017- July 2018